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Weatherization Of Period Wood Windows

Replication of Period Window and Casing

1. Introduction

How much home energy use goes toward the heat loss/gain through the windows in your home? According to the Dept of Energy, windows are responsible for 25%-30% of your thermostat related energy consumption.

In the 70’s and to this day, the insulated glass replacement window has become the mainstream solution to update old single pane wooden sash. However, with recent advances in glazing technology and a growing awareness toward natural resource conservation,


Highlighting Antique Glass with Zinc

Antique Glass

This mahogany study cabinetry project included antique glass and zinc came rather than lead. The zinc is made of sheet metal folded on itself rather than solid as with lead came. Being hollow and rigid, the material lends itself to straight line geometry, although special bending tools can be utilized to incorporate gentle pattern curves.


Door & Sash Restoration

Whether a major restoration project is in the works or it is time for maintenance of your antique wood windows, Bach Woodcraft has the expertise to rejuvenate wood sash by repairing decay, re-glazing glass and refinishing. To optimize performance, weights are re-balanced and new weatherstrip is installed.

Window arches

Arched Window Surround

Paneled window surround

Traditional paneled window surround.