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Historic Preservation Millwork

Preservation of architectural woodwork that is integral to a historic building either needs to be worked on in place or carefully detached for repairs. Bach Woodcraft has the expertise to devise and execute a restoration plan for entry doors, stained glass frameworks, decorative moldings, balustrades, etc.

Door & Sash Restoration

Whether a major restoration project is in the works or it is time for maintenance of your antique wood windows, Bach Woodcraft has the expertise to rejuvenate wood sash by repairing decay, re-glazing glass and refinishing. To optimize performance, weights are re-balanced and new weatherstrip is installed.

Historic Shutters & Windows

Salem, Ma historic shutters

New England exterior shutter design and hardware is traceable by region and date of origin. Bach Woodcraft restores historic shutters that are sound enough to be repaired. When replacement is the only option, we will replicate your existing shutters to an authentic match of the original

Traditional Stairbuilding

Architectural wood and metal stairs

Architectural wood stairs and handrails have been handcrafted in my family since 1928, spanning three generations. I trained under my grandfather when beginning to learn the trade in 1975. Today, this heritage in master stair building is integral to Bach Woodcraft in a 90 year tradition of craftsmanship.