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Traditional Hand Crafted Railing

Traditional Handcrafted Railings

The traditional art of creating handcrafted volutes, landing wreaths and curved sweeping railing is inherent to the standard of craftsmanship at Bach Woodcraft.

Handrail sections and transitions are cut from solid wood and squared into blanks prior to profiling. The custom profile of choice is created via shaper, router and hand carving. The final step in fabrication involves close attention to detail sanding for a smooth flow in the feel of the rail.

With 38 yrs of experience in this craft, the process of conceptualizing and creating these curves & sweeps have become second nature to me. Even though each layout can be calculated mathematically, I rely primarily on my artistic interpretation to develop fluent results.

Whether installed upon wood balusters or decorative metal, this traditional method of hand railing will enhance any balustrade with a look of simple elegance.

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