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Woodwork with a Twist

curved descending red oak wainscot panel

This curved descending red oak wainscot panel was fabricated in our shop prior to installation on an existing stair case for a client in NYC. The work incorporates multiple tangental arcs and transitions in pitch. We were handed field dimensions on a scrap of wood from the contractor and in the end it fit perfectly.


Wood Rail & Bronze Balustrade

Wood to Metal

The blend of wood and metal for this balustrade is eye catching in its elegant proportion and finish.  The dark bronze patina is a perfect compliment to our stained white oak railing.  LMC Corp of Paterson NJ furnished and installed the decorative metalwork.  Bach Woodcraft custom fit oak blanks to the bronze channel in preparation of profiling the rail in our shop.  The final installation of wood railing involved field assembly of the rail joints,


Arched Passages Within A Vaulted Ceiling

Vault Millwork

Detailed shop drawings and mindful coordination between trades were paramount to integrate our millwork with the framing and plaster in this vaulted passage hall. Bach fabricated and installed the paneled arches, trim and pocket doors for this coastal Maine residence.


Historic Preservation Millwork

Preservation of architectural woodwork that is integral to a historic building either needs to be worked on in place or carefully detached for repairs. Bach Woodcraft has the expertise to devise and execute a restoration plan for entry doors, stained glass frameworks, decorative moldings, balustrades, etc.